Evolved Performance

We design super-efficient systems inspired by the deep study of evolutionary biomechanics


Our Process

By studying how animals move we are able to achieve significant improvements in the performance and efficiency of vehicles in water, air, and ground travel. 


Problem Solving

We are interested in questioning key assumptions – the propeller as the universal solution to propulsion through water and air, the wheel over land.


Observation & Analysis

Inspiration comes from analysis of systems that exist in nature. Recent advances in computational analysis allow us to build deep insights into how performance gains are achieved.



Development in our Lab is via iterative design and testing, using a diverse set of skills and technical insights. We iteratively make and test systems, combining the latest electronics, design software and materials to optimise overall results.




Click below for highlights on some of the projects we are working on.

Skeeter with Pen.jpg


A small scale drone based on a dragonfly. Flapping propulsion offers significant gains over traditional multi-copter drone designs, enabling the vehicle to tolerate higher winds, achieve lower power consumption and increased range.



A flapping propulsion water-based vehicle. Building on scientific insight into fish and cetacean movement is leading to efficiency improvements over traditional propeller designs.



A highly versatile logistics unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, designed to transport heavy loads in relation to the vehicle size and weight, and capable of covering large distances. The wing design is based on deep study of soaring birds.

Recent News