Skeeter is a ground-breaking flapping wing micro-drone designed for covert surveillance and surveying tasks.

Based on the body plan of a dragonfly, flapping wing propulsion maximises efficiency and enables gliding and gust tolerance.

Skeeter Sees

Key Features

  • Small and lightweight: < 200g

  • High endurance

  • High speed

  • Ability to glide and hover

  • Quiet and covert

  • Gust tolerant

  • Autonomous guidance and navigation in both GPS and GPS-denied environments

  • Fleet capability

Use Cases

The initial use for Skeeter is as a short-range surveillance platform, for situational awareness - with the ability to operate in high wind conditions and fly longer distances on lower power than existing small UAS. Small UAS are currently in use by the military, and have proven valuable when weather conditions allow. Skeeter is designed to extend the capability of small UAS, resulting in a vehicle that can operate in a greater range of conditions.

Skeeter also has uses in search and rescue, surveying, and agriculture; and in particular where small-scale hovering UAS with high gust tolerance, high speed and greater endurance are required.


Defence & Security

Emergency services