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Why does the natural world have wings, fins and legs rather than propellers and wheels?

Propellers are the go-to design for movement through air and water, and wheels for movement across land. At least, for us humans. But propellers and wheels are certainly not, by any means, a popular design for movement through air and water and over land in the natural world. Why is this the case? 

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Biomimicry or bio-inspired design?

The systems that we design and engineer at Animal Dynamics are inspired by the way nature does things. As a spin-out company from the University of Oxford Zoology Department, our designs have a strong basis in the study of evolutionary biomechanics, a field to which our co-founder Adrian Thomas has dedicated his academic career. That is not to say, however, that our designs are biomimetic, as is so often assumed. In this post, we look at this key difference in our work.

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